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CanGlobal Media is a non-profitorganization focused on the production oftechnology-centric content and theprovision of mission-oriented technologyservices and goods. CanGlobal Media wasfounded in 2007 and is expanding to coverthe markets in the USA, the EU and soon also in Asia. CanGlobal Media is committed to provideconsumers with the information they needto make informed decisions about theirpurchases, using quality journalism,cutting-edge technology and expertinsights. Our teams focus exclusively onconsumer goods and services.

We Are Passionate Storytellers

The team at CanGlobal Media are passionate storytellers who never stop developing content that is user-centric. We proudly serve clients from a wide range of industries and tell their stories to a world audience, one video or blog post at a time. Our work promotes fairness, diversity and ignites a conversation about important issues in society today.

We Promote Integrity

We will further our commitment to providing unbiased advice, information and knowledge. We will use practical codes of conduct and ethics to ensure we deliver to everyone we serve. ​​​​​​​We encourage proactive disclosure of conflicts of interest. We provide opportunities to grow that fairly enable persons of all experiences, backgrounds, and diversities to thrive. ​​​​​​​We fairly compensate our employees, contractors, and partners for the important work they do. We treat volunteers with admiration and respect.

We Embrace Diversity

We strive to make diversity a cornerstone of every part of our organization. Our renewed focus on growth and development ensures that we have a diverse workforce with a variety of people from every race, ethnicity, culture, and religious background. In our hiring and recruitment practices, we will assert our focus on ensuring we are representative of the partners and people we serve. Diversity allows us to serve with pride.

We Believe in Democracy

Our community governs the basis for our existence. We promise to make our leadership and organization accountable to its' members and provide a workplace where our entire organization has the collective power to influence change. Decisions that impact our community (partners and employees), will be governed by consulting with all and allowing every level to affect outcomes. ​​​​​​​


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