Advertising application was declined – now what?

Unfortunately, there are some instances where we might not accept applications to advertise with us. This could be for several reasons but recommend you re-apply again in the future. 

The most common reasons for declined applications are:

  • The advertiser does not meet our standards for privacy or security reasons. 
    • We very rarely grant advertisers access to our databases, so if your request requires disclosure of such data, it’s commonly refused. 
  • The advertiser does not meet our community standards.
    • We do not allow advertisers who cannot substantially provide evidence that their content conforms to our standards (i.e. artificial or fake endorsements)
    • We do not allow content that is “news-like” that could confuse our audience.
    • We do not allow content that is hateful, discriminatory or otherwise offensive.
    • We do not publish advertising that contains sensationalized claims.
    • We do not publish any material that is graphic in nature.
  • The advertiser does not agree to our terms of service/code of conduct.

You may submit a ticket requesting a review of the decision by another decision-maker by submitting a ticket.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason. 

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