How to share a news story

We’re happy to take story suggestions from members of the public. You can share breaking news with our team by:

1. Submitting a ticket using this help centre.

2. Emailing us: [email protected]

3. Submit an anonymous over TipBox here: tip link

We make efforts to protect/conceal the identities of our sources. We highly recommend that if you are sharing privileged or protected information with us, you use a private-secure computer with a secure network connection using a VPN and a secure web browser like Project TOR

A note about concealing identities and confidential sources:

  • We permit undercover reporting only when we feel a story is important enough to justify doing so, and we have exhausted all other reasonable methods.
  • We use confidential sources sparingly to provide important information that cannot be obtained through on-the-record sources. Our reporters may disclose the identity of unnamed sources to at least one editor.
  • We publish information from confidential sources that we consider reliable but do not publish the opinions of unnamed sources.
  • We do not attend “background briefings” where officials try to spoon-feed information to the media without speaking for the record.
  • We are more open to granting confidentiality to sources we approach for interviews than to sources approaching us with tips or with dirt about political opponents or business rivals.
  • We always assume that government snoops, law enforcement or hackers might access our regular communication channels when we grant confidentiality to a source. We should use technology such as encryption software or “burner” cell phones to protect confidentiality.

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