A Whole New Vision

Humble Beginnings

Right from the start, our organization was founded with the humblest and modest of spirits. Born with a desire to affect change and reflect on our collective past, our founders focused on creating and sharing unbiased reports on the latest in consumer electronics. They did it with an eagle eye on history and inspiration of the by-gone era of the traditional newsroom to create a true marvel in the industry. An organization focused on relationships, democracy, and collective achievement. 

The Next Chapter

Reflecting on the legacy of our past organization, beginning in 2016, we began to undertake a strategic review of our operations. We re-aligned our structure to address fundamental industry changes and focus more directly on a cooperative leadership model. This change accelerated our transition to a more independent agency and enabled our next evolution.

Our next chapter re-affirms our commitment to democratizing our organization to reflect our employee’s and partners’ diversity, strength, and commitment. 

Diversity. We will strive to make diversity a cornerstone of every part of our organization. With our renewed focus on growth and development, ensuring that we have a diverse workforce with a variety of people from every race, ethnicity, culture, and religious background. In our hiring and recruitment practices, we will assert our focus on ensuring we represent the partners and people we serve. Diversity allows us to serve with pride.

Strength. Enable our individual employees to make decisions like owners, develop their careers, and enable them to pursue their passions when they align with the objectives of our organization. We promise to take a stand on social, cultural, and democratic issues that foster trust, and social justice and promote welfare for all. 

Collective achievement. We will strive to implement compensation and incentive structures at all levels that reward collective achievement across the company at all levels. Achievements should be based on cumulative social, environmental, and economic achievements and performance gauged using the same metric.

Democracy. Our community and employees govern the basis for our existence. We promise to make our leadership and organization accountable to its’ members and provide a workplace where our entire organization has the collective power to influence change. Decisions that impact our community (partners and employees), will be governed by consulting with all and allowing every level to affect outcomes. 

Integrity. We will further our commitment to providing unbiased advice, information and knowledge. We will use practical business and ethics codes to ensure we deliver to everyone we serve. 


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