Statement in Support of Ukraine

CanGlobal Media, our entire executive team and board of directors have issued the following statement:

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, particularly Ukrainian journalists who now find themselves at the frontlines of a large-scale European war.


We unilaterally condemn the violence and aggression that puts thousands of our colleagues all over Ukraine in grave danger.


We call on the international community to provide any possible assistance to those who are taking on the brave role of reporting from the war zone that is now Ukraine. 

We condemn the physical violence, cyberattacks, disinformation and all other weapons employed by the aggressor against the free and democratic Ukrainian press. 


We also stand in solidarity with independent Russian media who continue to report the truth in unprecedented conditions.


CanGlobal Media, in line with national and international partners, has decided that we will not do business, transact with any entity that supports or engages with the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Belarus. We have implemented internally a comprehensive list of organizations, individuals and specified persons who we will not engage with or allow to use any of our platforms.



Effective at 03:30AM on 22nd March 2022, all of CanGlobal Media’s web platforms will be inaccessible from the Russian Federation and Belarus. 



All accounts from individuals in the Russian Federation and Belarus will be suspended or cancelled. No new accounts from any Russian or Belarusian IP address will be allowed. 



We will take further action to support and protect our colleagues, the people of Ukraine and our community as a whole.


Steve Deluca, Corporate Communications

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